The 4th Degree has scheduled a belt test for October 7 for junior and adult students who have either met or expect to meet their class attendance and performance requirements by that date.

Junior students are reminded that both August and September Powerful Word projects will need to be completed and turned in before the test.

Good luck to all potential test candidates!
This month our Powerful Word chats will center on the concept of self-reliance. Dr. Robyn Silverman, child development specialist has this to say about teaching your child to become more self-reliant,

"Building self-reliance takes a partnership between the child,the parent, and other important adults in the child’s life. Let’s face it; it’s often easier, quicker, and more skillfully done if we do it for the child. But when we allow him to accomplish a developmentally appropriate task on his own, he gains confidence and learns that he can do it by himself."

For more valuable information on self-reliance, be sure to check out our Powerful Word bulletin board for September and the complete Parent's Perch article on our student website.