We will  have a number of students, both juniors and adults, testing on Friday at The 4th Degree. Testing starts at 6:30pm and we invite friends and family to come out and support their test candidate.

The following students will be testing:
Selene, Aahlad, Ian, Anika, April, Jhanvi, Vansh, Clisha, Anish, Joshua, Vic, Vincent, Lalasa, Scott, Sid, Praneeth, Rohith, Sarah, and Edward.

Best of luck to all test candidates!
This year we honored local teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week from May 2 - 7, 2011.
As part of our comprehensive character education program, Powerful Words
Character Development. Our students started inviting their school teachers
to visit The 4th Degree during the month of April to personally thank them for their
support. It was perfect timing since the Powerful Word of the Month for April was “respect” and
saying thank you was certainly one of the important parts of showing respect!

The 4th Degree honored four area teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-7
for the great work they do in promoting the value of education and in helping all children become
better students. We are so glad that three of these ladies were able to attend classes and watch
their respective students in action. Mrs. Norma Saenz (Jack Burgess), Mrs. Liz Lanfried (Javi Cavazos)
and Mrs. Kincaide (Vic Puthankattil) attended classes and were presented with a certificate of
appreciation and a rose by their students. Mrs. Mary Malone (William Burgess) was also honored
though she was not able to attend due to a scheduling conflict.

We plan to make this an annual event to show our area teachers how much we appreciate
their efforts to deliver a quality education to our young students.

Mrs. Norma Saenz and Jack Burgess -------- Mrs. Liz Lanfried and Mrs. Kincaide with Javi Cavazos and Vic Puthankattil