We have a number of students who will be belt testing on Saturday morning July 28th starting at 10:30am.. Come and support your test candidate and stay for refreshments afterwards. Good luck to all of our hardworking candidates!
Wow! Eleven of our students just rocked it at the Texas Showdown Karate Tournament this weekend in Kyle. Students came away with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place trophies and medals. It was awesome to see both juniors and adults from our school give such focused performances both in traditional forms and sparring. A great time and lots of fun was had by all who participated and watched. Congratulations to Clisha, Osric, Madeleine, Anish, Joshua, Sid, Vic, Roy, Vedarth, April, Scott and Andre. Look out world. Team 4th Degree has arrived!
Students Vic and Sid (brothers) competed at the Lone Star Open NASKA tournament this past weekend on March 10th at the Renaissance Hotel at the Arboretum. We're so proud of these dedicated students for using the Powerful Word of the Month - Courage, to meet the challenges presented at this tournament. They're also planning to compete at the Texas Showdown tournament in Kyle on March 24th. Great job Sid and Vic. We're so proud of you!
Our next belt test is scheduled for Friday, March 16, 2012 at 6:30p.m.
Good luck to the following candidates who are scheduled to test:
Jhanvi, Joshua, Amanda, Joseph, Aidan, Vic, Barnabas, Sid, Osric, and Edward

Belt Test Schedule - 2012
Mar 16th
May 18th
July 20th
Sept. 21st
Nov 16th
Dec 7th (Optional)

Don't forget to get your sparring gear order in by December 15th if you want to ensure delivery before Christmas. We will be taking orders by phone at 512-300-7866 from students and in class through December 15th.

The 4th Degree Martial Arts will close for the holidays from December 18-31.

We will reopen for our annual New Year's Day Powerfit Workout on January 1 at 8:00 AM! Come help us get 2012 off to a fit and healthy start.
Congratulations to all 22 students who tested on Friday, December 9th. This was the final test for 2011 and it was indeed a great way to mark the end of another remarkable year. We were so pleased to see at all the progress demonstrated by our students in both technique, forms, and their overall winning attitude.

We want to thank all the instructors, advanced belts and friends who served on the panel for this test; Edwin Riquelme, Jim Nagle, Chris Burton, Ric Meleschi, Laszlo Valenti, Michael Hermes, Jason Pratt and Mary Payne of PKC Karate. We are so grateful for the full support and friendship of all who helped with the test.

Our next test will be scheduled for mid to late February 2012.
_People start martial arts training at various ages and for different reasons. Some of us start that training during our adult years, but these days, most start training in early childhood.  Mr. Fauth was lucky enough to start his first training in martial arts at the age of 13 under the excellent tutelage of Shihan Phillip Brain in his native Australia. The valuable training he received in Judo stood him in good stead as he went on to the police academy and subsequently started training in Karate and Tae Kwon-Do.

Last week, we were honored to welcome Shihan Brain to Austin and were treated to an awesome week of Judo training at The 4th Degree. Adults and junior students alike learned so much from his skillful training leaving us all hungry for more. For Mr. Fauth, it was an eventful ten days spent reminiscing and training with his very first role model in the martial arts. For the rest of us, it was a way to gain perspective on the impact that Judo had on Mr. Fauth’s development as a martial artist.

Shihan Brain started his Judo training in 1952 and has been inducted into the Australasian and US Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He still remains active in teaching select kata classes today. He has passed on his martial arts legacy to his own son Stewart who now coaches the Olympic judo team from Australia. It was inspiring to meet and train with Shihan Brain and to marvel at the unique bond between him and Mr. Fauth; a bond forged over 40 years ago and still perfectly intact to this day. It was a real privilege to train with a master of Shihan's calibre and we hope that we get an opportunity to train with him again.

Sid and Vic (brothers) competed in the PKC Teams Tournament, Saturday, October 22 in Kyle.This was their first experience competing in an outside tournament and they had a blast!

Congratulations Sid & Vic for getting out there and representing The 4th Degree! We're so proud of you for having the confidence to test your skills in a new environment and for putting forth a great effort. We can hardly wait to see you both compete in your next tournament.